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As a Foodiependent Partner, there are many extra perks you can enjoy such as discounted print, discounted kitchen supplies, free food photography, free graphic design support, and refer a friend (partner).

Feel free to make use of it as you please! Please note: we do not receive any commission with any of the below companies, so you can rest-assured that they keep every penny they make! 🙂

1. 15% OFF ANY Print | Ralph Allen Press.

Ralph Allen Press is an independent based in Bath and they are offering all Foodiependent Partners 15% OFF any print. They can pretty much do anything as long as there’s printing involved!

We recommend them with the following reasons: their prices are very competitive, they cater to VERY tight turnarounds and deliver straight to you, they don’t have any limitations on how little or how much you want to print, and they’ve been working with the food and drink industry for decades so will know what you need!

How to enjoy this discount?

  1. Email Steve directly at steve@ralphallenpress.co.uk with the following details:
    1) You’re a Foodiependent Partner.
    2) What you are looking to print and how many of them.
    3) Your time scale – when you want to receive it by.
    4) Your delivery address.
    5) Attach the file that you’d like to print.
  2. Once you’ve done that, Steve will get back to you with a quote along with 15% OFF.

If you want an instant answer, you can contact Steve on his mobile at 07834195000.

2. 10% OFF Kitchen Supplies | Kitchway.

Kitchway is one of UK’s most competitive wholsale providers for kitchen supplies. They’ve been supplying for restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, and bars for years!

They are home to a wide assortments of tableware, takeaway disposables, cooking appliances, barware, and chef’s supplies. They’ve also recently added plenty of re-opening essentials such as hand sanitiser stations, masks, gloves & more!

How to enjoy this discount?

  1. Go to Kitchway’s website.
  2. Spend over £120*.
  3. If you’ve clicked onto the link above or below, the discount should have automatically applied during checkout. However, if it hasn’t, don’t worry! All you need to do is simply put in code FOODIEPENDENT for 10% OFF your entire order!

*Please note: The only excempt items are Rationals.

If you are looking to bulk buy, there are ways to get an even better deal. You can contact Abraham on his mobile at 02035190267 or cs@kitchway.co.uk. Make sure you mention you’re a Foodiependent Partner!

3. FREE Food Photography | Once every 3 months.

It’s essential as a food and drink business to have fresh looking photos constantly.

Once every 3 months, you are entitled to 30 FREE fully edited photos. All you need to do is send us an email to organise it.

These photos will be put in a personal Foodiependent drive and will be yours to use however you please. Please note that the photos will be even split between your products, your team, venue, customers, and anything else you’d like to include!

How to enjoy this perk?

  1. Email hello@foodiependent.com with the following details:
    1) A few dates on when you’d prefer for us to come in – please give us a minimum of 1-2 week’s notice.
    2) Any particuilar specifications on your photos.
    3. Anything else we need to know.
  2. We will get back to you with a photoshoot confirmation within 24-48 hours!

4. FREE Marketing & Graphic Design Support.

Marketing can be a minefield. In order to support you as a Partner, our in-house marketing experts will check in with you daily to make sure you are doing the best you can and are utilising Foodiependent Card in the best way possible.

We also underestand how expensive graphic design can be, so to help you out, if there’s any Foodiependent graphics that you may need, our graphic design team will help you get it designed for FREE.

You can request for things like social media posts, story highlight covers, fliers, posters, signages, menu…etc.

If there’s something you have in mind that your business may need that involves us, let us know!

How to enjoy this perk?

  1. Email hello@foodiependent.com with the following details:
    1) As much information as possible on what type of graphic design you are looking for.
    2) When you need it by – try to give us 1-weeks notice.
    3) Attach anything else in the email that you’d like to include in it.
  2. We will get back to you with a confirmation within 24-48 hours.

5. Refer a friend – Partner Referral.

If you introduce a friend to sign up as a Foodiependent Partner, as a thank you, you will receive a £10 cash voucher.

How to enjoy this perk?

  1. Email hello@foodiependent.com with the following details:
    1) Simple details of who your friend is.
  2. Wait for you friend to sign up as a Partner!
  3. Once your friend has successfully signed up, you will receive your £10 cash voucher in 30-days time.