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Customer loyalty is VERY important for any food and drink business. You want to make sure you attract repeated customers back because they are proven to spend 71% more than new customers! Which means more sales for you!

With COVID-19, it has truly shaken the food and drink industry in Bristol resulting in common financial difficulties with both businesses and customers; The high comission fees from delivery apps certainly don’t really help the situation!

Certainly, the ‘Eat Out, Help Out’ scheme will help support you in the meantime, but what happens afterwards when it ends? How are you going to attract new customers and retain them? In the current market, offering awesome food and amazing customer service aren’t going to be good enough to keep your customers coming back for more. There are too many options out there and you really need to stand out from the crowd.

The answer is, you need a loyalty program. It may sound a bit intimidating and expensive… and yes, you’ve certainly got the option to spend lots of money creating an app and all that fancy stuff! BUT you don’t need to do that. We understand how hard it is to run an independent business and that money can be tight. Hence why, we’ve worked really hard to perfect Foodiependent Card. We don’t charge comission fees as we want you to take home the profit.We want to support you and make it affordable and benefitial for any food and drink business in Bristol!

In short, Foodiependent Card is a Bristol food discount card and ready-made loyalty program for any independent food and drink business in Bristol. Did we mention we have more than 5,000 local members now? It’s amazing how much support we’ve gotten throughout COVID19.

As long as you are selling anything to do with food, whether it’s an online food shop, grocery store, restaurant, coffee shop, pub, cocktail bar, club…etc – this will all work for you. We’ve made it completely affordable (see pricing here), no comission fees, and it doesn’t take long to get everything set-up and running straight away. Don’t worry, we understand time is of the essence and if you let us know when you sign up you’d like our support, our Foodiependent team will be with you all the way to help get your page up and running within 24 hours.

Once you’ve got your Foodiependent offer and page up and running, we will be marketing your offer for you on all our social media platforms and making sure it gets the reach you deserve. However, what else can you do?

We’ve collated a checklist of important tips to help you get those customers coming back for more. If you’ve done a few of them already, then you’re definitely ahead of the game – keep it up!!


  1. If you have a website, include a Foodiependent Partner logo somewhere.
    It’s always worth having it on your website so customers know you are partnered with us. As you know, we only choose the best independents in Bristol, which means that having the logo is a good trust indicator for customers. You can download our logos here – we’ve included plenty of different colours and formats for you to choose from (pngs and svgs)!
  2. No website, no worries! Use your Partner page!
    We understand how pricey it is to build a website, that’s why we’ve build the partner pages so that it can act like a website and have everything in one page. Include it on your social media pages, so customers can find out more about you. Understandably, with a proper trusted page, you’re more likely to build a customer base quickly.


  1. Always make sure you have up-to-date information on it. Don’t slack.
    It is SO important to have clear and updated information on your partner page (also on your own website if you have one). Once customers smell that you’re too lazy to update your business or that you are outdated, it will put them off immediately – seriously.


  1. Include @foodiependentcard on your social media profiles.
    Under your profile descriptions, put a simple one-liner like this in it e.g. 💳 : @foodiependentcard 20% OFF. This will help customers realise that you’ve got a loyalty program in place which incentifies them to come back.
  2. Share an official Foodiependent Partner post.
    It’s always good to have a post that stays on your social media feed so when customers are scrolling down your feed, it’ll stop them on their tracks. Our team can help you create a bespoke Foodiependent Partner graphic for you to share on your social media platforms – see examples here. You can simply request it by emailing!
  3. On your social media posts, always include a call-to-action.
    When posting a juicy snap, always end it with some sort of call-to-action. e.g. Don’t forget, if you show your Foodiependent Card to one of our staff, you can enjoy 20% OFF!
  4. Always remember to include your location in your posts.
    If you don’t put your location, potential customers won’t be able to see your posts unless they follow you, which limits you to your own audience. So, make sure you always have a location in all your posts. If you can’t find your exact location or don’t have one, put in Bristol, United Kingdom or anywhere else you may want to target!
  5. Always include local hashtags at the end of your posts.
    With Instagram changing its algorithms constantly, hashtags don’t work as effectively as it used to, however, it’s still good to have them at the end of your posts so you are discoverable when people do look at that particular hashtag! Mix in hashtags of your own, popular ones, and ones that are related to your particular photo.These are 20 useful and popular local hashtags to include in your future Instagram posts. Please note: you can only reach up to 30 hashtags in a post – #bristolfoodie #bristol_lens #bristol247 #bestofbristol #foodieinbristol #visitbristol #igersbristol #bristollife #bristolcity #bristolbloggers #foodiependent #foodporn #foodphotography #foodstagram #foodie #foodlover #yummy #hungry #foodiegram #foodoftheday


  1. Print out plenty of Foodiependent Partner posters and place it somewhere visable!
    It is important to have things visually in front of customers faces as not everyone has time for social media. Having posters on counters, on tables, in your delivery boxes, are amazing ways to let your customers know what you’re up to!!
    We have prepared a few print-ready posters for you to use – you can download them here (We recommend printing with Ralph Allen Press – they’ve been working with the food and drink industry for decades and will know exactly what you need with the best price. You can email or contact Steve directly at or 07834195000. Simply let him know you’re a Foodiependent Partner and you’ll receive an extra 15% OFF their competitive prices. #partnerperks)!
    If you can’t find any sizes that work for you, please let us know by emailing what poster size you are looking for and our Foodiependent team will create one for you within 24 – 48 hours.
  2. Get customers curious by putting signages on your doors.
    It’s a great way to have trust indicators right on your doorstep to get customers to engage with you. We’ve created a few signages which you can download them here. – we’ve included a few different languages just in case.However if you don’t see anything you like or want a different language, please let our team know by emailing and we will get something back to you within 24 – 48 hours!