Top 5 Chinese Restaurants in Bristol

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If you want to taste proper authentic Chinese food, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve collated our favourite top 5 independent Chinese restaurants in Bristol that serve traditional, authentic, and tasty Chinese cuisine – reviewed and tested! 

P.S. make sure you scroll all the way down to the bottom to see all the restaurants’ delicious Chinese food photos… don’t blame us if you get hungry though!!

1. Rock Salt – Cotham Hill, Bristol

Rock salt serves authentic Indian and Chinese food under the same roof, which may seem slightly strange, but we promise you, it does work. The chefs there have years of experience and cook everything from scratch. Everything on the menu is full of flavour and absolutely delicious. If you go with a group who like both Indian & Chinese, then it’s a win-win for you all! No arguments needed!

📞: 0117 330 0700
🗒️Rock Salt Menu
⏰: Tues – Fri
5pm – 10.45pm, Sat 12pm – 10.45pm, Sun 12pm – 9pm

2. Mayflower – Bear Pit, Bristol

Look, it’s not all about good service sometimes (if you’ve been to China, you’ll know what we mean). Most servers here are slightly rude, HOWEVER, the food is as authentic as you can get! The menu is absolutely HUGE and you will find every traditional Chinese dish that exists! This place is always buzzin’, so we’d suggest calling up to book. Saying that… they serve food up to 1.30am, so late nighters – come here to eat! You won’t be disappointed.

📞: 0117 925 0555
🗒️Mayflower Menu
⏰:Mon – Sat
5.30pm – 1.30am, Sun 12pm – 1.30am

3. Xing Long – Gloucester Rd, Bristol

This cute little Chinese restaurant definitely deserves more recognition! It’s run by a couple from Shanxi and they are so passionate about Chinese food. They make their dumplings fresh every day and their food is authentic & traditional. You can order take-away, but we’re all about encouraging you all to get back into dining in, so definitely,  go in and visit them.

📞: 0117 924 5885
🗒️Xing Long Menu
⏰: Mon – Sun
5pm – 11pm

4. Toro Noodle Bar – Park Street, Bristol

If you love Chinese food with quite a bit of spice… then you’d absolutely love this place! Their food is heavily influenced by the cuisines in Sichuan & Hunan province, so very heavily flavoured with spice. They serve hot pot (great experience!), seafood, and plenty of rice & noodle dishes. Again, all very authentic, so definitely recommend to give it a go! Try something new!

📞: 0117 403 7960
🗒️Toro Noodle Menu
⏰: Tues – Sun
11am – 3.30pm / 5pm – 11pm

5. Sai Kung Cafe (Little Chinatown) – Broadmead, Bristol

This Cha Cheng Teng (Cantonese meaning tea shop) is brilliant. It has a slightly intimidating entrance, but once you get past it, everyone in there is super friendly. If you want a quick bite to eat or craving Chinese food in town, this is a must-go! Their menu isn’t huge, but does the basic soup noodles and rice combos! Famous for their roast meat rice dishes – Cha Siu Pork, Roast Pork, Roast Duck… make sure you ask for extra sauce!

📞: 07971 088418
🗒️Sai Kung Cafe Menu
⏰: Mon – Sun
12pm – 9pm