Review at Dine at Home – Steakaway? You better believe it can be done

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t-bone steak

TL;DR Summary

  • You absolutely can order steak takeaway (or steakaway as we’ve christened it).
  • Dine at home produced some of the finest, memorable and most flavoursome steaks we’ve tasted, restaurant or not (photos below)
  • I would quite happily bathe in their peppercorn sauce, it’s fantastic.
  • The chips are crisp, fluffy and delicious – the one downside is that they could have been hotter.
  • I’m already looking forward to trying Dine at home’s Roast Dinners – yes we’re serious, they deliver Sunday roasts as well…
  • Everyone gets 10% OFF with Dine at Home (both menus & details here)

“Is steak takeaway even a thing – why haven’t I heard of it?”

“Are they going to cook it to my liking even after it’s been delivered?”

“Surely they can’t keep it hot, can they?”

“What about the chips? I can’t have soggy chips!”

These and similar such phrases were the first objections I raised when Dine at Home offered for us to review their new weekend, fine dining delivery menu. As a keen and proud sceptic of just about anything, I was fully prepared to be disappointed as, I’d imagine, there are numerous things that can go wrong.

Steaks are usually reserved for special occasions; celebrating a new job (well not now, but maybe after lockdown); your birthday; your Mother’s 60th. You know, the kind of occasions where you might not be picking up the bill. Alongside lobster and caviar, they are the quintessential, “I’m treating myself here,” dinner so I would usually only pick them from a menu that I can trust.

For these reasons, it’s fair to say a disappointing steak is usually more disappointing than, say, a disappointing Greggs sausage roll (they are never disappointing). This is the mindset I thought it best to put myself in, in order to review Dine at Home’s menu properly.

We ordered: 22oz T-Bone Steak – Medium Rare, 10oz Fillet Steak – Rare and they come with triple cooked chips, salad and your choice of peppercorn/stilton/chimichurri sauce.

Total Price: £50.90… with our 10% Discount, it comes down to £45.81.

*We chose peppercorn sauce because it’s the best. If I was allowed, I’d literally have a good peppercorn sauce as a wintery drink, sitting by the fire watching old episodes of Sharpe.

The Steaks

Unwrapping a foiled 22oz T-Bone Steak, I quite honestly felt like Fred Flintstone and Christmas had come early. As I unveiled the monstrous meaty gift, we both audibly gasped. Does the picture below do it justice? Not really although it’s still pretty damn fine. But I also want you to imagine the smells. Juicy, peppery, rich and delicious smells – a figurative orgy for the nostrils. The two-inch high fillet steak sitting proudly as a centrepiece next to the triple cooked chips, roasted mushroom and tomato (the perfect backing dancers if you ask me).

Gliding into both steaks, they were both (somehow?!) cooked to perfection all the way through. What an absolute delight it was to put a delicious piece of high-end steak in my mouth knowing I had at least 19 more ounces to go. The T-Bone was as tender as a regular fillet, enhanced by intense, rich, beefy flavours. The seasoning wasn’t overpowering but the perfect foundation, ensuring the quality of the cut stole the show.

Wow, let’s take a breather. My taste-buds are on overdrive just writing this…Ok, right, onto the fillet steak.

Although the T-Bone was my dish of choice, I did try the fillet steak. As you can probably gather by now, this didn’t disappoint. It was pure melt in the mouth deliciousness. Dine at Home call themselves, “a group of private chefs that deliver the best catering services in Bristol” and I wouldn’t argue with them based on their cuts of beef and how well they can cook them.

The Chips & Peppercorn Sauce

As I’ve not failed to mention, I can’t get enough of a GOOD peppercorn sauce. There’s always about 5 nanoseconds where I say to myself, “Am I going to try stilton sauc…NO, no I’m not.” So, although I’m not a food critic of any repute, I would say if there’s one thing I can tell, it’s a decent peppercorn sauce. 

And this my friends was a bloody decent one.

Rich, creamy, homely, balanced with not even a hint of film. The kind of sauce that hasn’t been thrown together willy-nilly but quite probably perfected in a culinary lab; kitchen minions slaving over every detail to produce something that can win awards….probably.

The triple cooked chips were crisp, fluffy and well seasoned. Each chip looked like it was meant to be there, rather than some portions where you get little stragglers who weren’t strong enough for the frier the second time, never mind the third!

The Temperature

The biggest question on my lips before getting the meal was about temperature. Could they deliver steak and chips at the same quality as if it were in a restaurant? Because you’re paying restaurant prices, right?

Overall, the meal was hot but not piping. Truthfully, we were more than satisfied with the flavour and temperature of the steak and sauce, but the chips could’ve done with a quick 2min zapping in the oven. So, if you’re the type of person who takes their time over a meal or likes to savour each bite in between witty anecdotes during a dinner party, we would advise cracking the oven on 5 mins before your delivery time and heating up sauces on the hob.

Photos by Cherine Ormerod
Written by James Mulvaney