Can you eat out at restaurants during COVID-19?

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Can you eat out? Not anymore, but you can still order takeaways & food collections.

⚠️ *Updated 23rd March – Government has since enforced all food & drinks businesses to operate as hot food takeaways only during the coronavirus outbreak.

Firstly, understand that there is currently NO evidence of food being associated with COVID-19 transmission – so take a deep breathe and relax a little. Owners and operators across Bristol are more than aware of customer concerns and they are all implementing extra sanitation and safety plans to assist in minimising the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

All of this said, you still need to be responsible for your own well-being. There is certainly no need to avoid collecting your food from restaurants or getting a takeaway at all costs.  As long as you use your common sense and be observant, you’ll be just fine.

Here are 5 tips to ensure that you keep yourself safe whilst collecting your food in Bristol during this Coronavirus pandemic:

1️⃣ Don’t avoid ordering from Asian restaurants due to misconceived notions that they pose a greater risk.

2️⃣ Use your common sense. If you have access to a toilet, wash your hands for a minimum of 20s, and maintain good hygiene practices.

3️⃣ Don’t touch or rub your nose, mouth and especially your eyes after you’ve touched public surfaces. ALWAYS wash or sanitise your hands first.

4️⃣ Wash your hands after touching money or credit cards (this applies everywhere!). Using Apple Pay is a better option!

5️⃣ If you’re feeling ill, stay home – or if you really must, get a takeaway & wear a mask when you collect, or order no-contact delivery.