Review at Bandook Kitchen – An Indian takeaway where you can take a risk

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TL;DR Summary

  • Bandook Kitchen offers a mouthwatering array of flavour-intense indian delights that you probably haven’t tried before. Do not be put off by the non-curry-house-style menu, because you will not regret it. 
  • Every dish Bandook creates is cooked and seasoned to perfection so take a risk and order something new. 
  • Our Favourites: Onion Bhaji, Grandma’s Curry, Indian Breads (photos below)
  • Everyone gets 20% OFF with Bandook Kitchen (menu & details here)

After a stressful week at work (whether it’s work from home or otherwise), there’s nothing better to look forward to than a reliable takeaway that just hits the spot and recently, we had the absolute pleasure of ordering from Bandook Kitchen. They describe themselves as “tantalising and flavoursome Indian street food” and wow, do they deliver.

Admittedly, they are a bit pricier than your average curry house and when I first perused the menu (it’s currently shortened due to Corona-ggedon), I was a little sceptical. You would normally equate street food with being cheaper – so what’s the craic?! So, as with anything a little more expensive, I had my critical eyes firmly installed right from the get-go.

As an avid British curry eater, I’m all about the sauce. Give me a naan, poppadom, chapati…anything so’s I can get more of that delicious sauce in my mouth. The riskiest thing you can do when you’re ordering an Indian takeaway (in my book… and this is basically my book) is to “try something a bit different”. 

It arrives. You open it. It’s dry – AHHH… nightmare!

Picture it – you’re sat there, sullen faced with a dry curry, watching enviously as your partner tucks into a tried-and-tested saucy number with all the garlic naan they can get her greasy hands on! This is why, USUALLY,  when it comes to Indian takeaway, I tend to play it safe. We’re talking chicken tikka masala, pasanda or a madras (if I fancy a bit more spice).

But Bandook Kitchen is different and I’ll tell you why.

For a start, the majority of your “classics” don’t feature on the menu. And yes, that means no garlic naan or poppadoms. But before you close the tab in anger, HEAR ME OUT! I would put my neck on the line and say that you CAN take a risk with Bandook. I would go so far as to say that you will not be disappointed by any of the curries you order because I trust that every dish they serve will be of the highest quality.

So let’s get into it. We ordered: Bandook Chicken Wings, Onion Bhaji, Chicken Grandma’s Curry, Lamb Rogan, Plain Rice, Indian Breads.

Total Price: £44…. pricey, but with our 20% Discountit comes down to only £35.20 and completely worth it!

The Sauces

I’ll get to the meat in a short while (don’t you worry) but in terms of sauces, the consistency was perfect. Not too thick and certainly not too watery, just that ideal balance that blends effortlessly with the rice and chosen meat or veg. The flavour of both curries was, well, summink else! (Is that a reference to Little Britain? I think it is and I’m not proud of it). 

The Lamb Rogan had a deep and well earned spicy flavour and is certainly worth a tip of the hat to but our firm favourite was the Grandma’s Curry. It combines a blend of comforting, well-known, nostalgic flavours such as garlic, onion and coconut-y goodness with a richness that forces you to mop up the rest of the sauce. Even when you know you’ve eaten enough – it’s just that good. 

The fact that it’s a slightly new twist on classic indian flavours adds to the joy of Bandook. It gives you a similar feeling to discovering a new book or song before anyone else. With Grandma’s Curry, you get to be the one to say, “I found that delicious thing first and introduced it to you.” And that’s always fun, right? Oh – just me then.

The Meat

On the bone meat. Definitely not what you expect when you order an Indian takeaway but, interestingly, a nice surprise. In contrast to a lot of “curry house” meat, it adds a lot of flavour rather than being just a vessel for the sauce. The additional fat that you tend to get with on-the-bone chicken and lamb made every bite more succulent than the last. The kind of meat that you only have to tickle for the meat to slide off the bone – dreamy!

Would I have been happier with a bit more meat? Yes, I think so but I certainly wasn’t left hungry at the end of the meal.

The Starters & Sides

A staple of Brit-Indian food that does make the cut on Bandook’s menu is the onion bhaji. And what a treat it was. Packed full of flavour, not too oily and cooked perfectly with a nice touch of crunch. I would’ve loved a drizzle of minty sauce to accompany it but, even on its own, it was fantastic. The chicken wings were really tasty, had a satisfying crispness to the coating and the meat was tender.

The Indian breads were another gem on Bandook’s menu. I would describe them as somewhere in-between a naan and a chapati. As with everything, the flavours and seasoning were flawless and they were an essential side to the curries.

Do I need to convince you more… doubt it!

Photos by Cherine Ormerod
Written by James Mulvaney